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HMTV DJ Tina Interviews Anthony Michaels

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Podcast: Hollwood Music TV Canada Online Ezine
Published: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 18:41:48 GMT

Pieces of Imagination ;) www.myspace.com/anthonymichaels1 Published at our Underground HMTV Canada eZine at: HMTV DJ Tina Interviews Anthony Michaels I met Anthony Michaels through an add on myspace.com, tuned into his music and discovered lots of inspirational songs, The Prodigy, Essence of Images and Back to One. His sound is something different I described the listening pleasure like a breath of fresh air and you can feel the passion that Anthony puts into his songtracks. His melodies are unique and different with a variation of sounds his new song track Pieces of Imagination is filled with many enlightening new features tune in and listen! :D A Little Bit About Anthony Michaels The music industry has been going through some major changes over the past few years; even more so it seems in recent weeks as MySpace has made a deal with labels and updated their player. Recently, ReverbNation also added a service to help artists sell their tracks online. Every artist is working hard to achieve what Anthony Michaels seems to have accomplished. The Instrumental Rock Guitar scene has become popular with names like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen to name a few. The genre is as popular as mainstream metal, though it doesn't seem to get the airplay to match. And while so many musicians (guitarists mostly) find the style inviting and rewarding, they don't seem to have the talent to keep up. But one listen to Anthony Michaels and it's perfectly clear he can hold his own in the virtuoso arena. His self titled debut CD is half an hour of fantastic guitar work and flowing melodies that offer inspiration to guitarists everywhere. The tracks were recorded at The Hit Department, an online radio station based in Indianapolis, IN. With the assistance of Scott Rainey as producer and engineer, Anthony has created a product that is building a revenue stream. Anthony Michaels has been playing guitar for sixteen years and teaches in his home and studio in Indiana. He had taught for a music store but realized it was more profitable to go solo. This same mentality surfaced in his band experience having played with a local act up until 1999 when he split off to follow his own path. He reports that his CD is doing well and he is using the revenue from that release to fund a full length project entitled, "Into the Light"; expected to be released before the end of the year. While most musicians are quick to jump on the CDBaby wagon, Anthony says he isn't planning to go that route. His tracks and albums will be available on iTunes soon if not already. While recording the first CD he also produced a nice little video for "Pieces of Imagination". Don't expect to find any Hollywood production on this, but do expect to be dazzled by his incredible talent and axe grinding ability. One review of this video and it's easy to see that Anthony Michaels is as fluent with his guitar as he is with his English; and probably more comfortable. Anthony, as so many artists do these days, attributes a large portion of his popularity and success to MySpace networking. With 35,000 friends and counting, that isn't difficult to understand. Hard work and persistent dedication are paying off; as they should. But everyone will agree that the big payoff comes by landing a record deal or a major tour opening for a household name. Anthony expects to achieve both in the next several months. While he says he's open to an invitation to join a touring band, he has his heart set on a spring tour of his own. Keep an eye on his site for a list of 2009 performance dates. Anthony says that musicians need to, "...exaggerate what they do and believe in themselves. Not everyone will love what you do." Love the style or not there is no way to get around the fact that Anthony Michaels is a talented musician who is truly living the Indie dream. Only time will tell, but as the industry moves towards an uncertain future, one thing is for sure. Anthony Michaels will be a part of that movement making a living doing what he loves." :) 

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